teaching artist cohort training course 

Main Instructor: Adam Gottlieb (Curriculum Director)


Course Description: In this week-long intensive course, experienced educators and aspiring teaching artists will join together to explore what it means to become an empowering educator in a world of contradictions, focusing specifically on the role of teaching artists in the modern Youth Spoken Word poetry movement. Using a discussion-based curriculum carried out over the course of the week, we will develop both the theoretical and practical aspects of our work as educators. In the mornings, we will dig deep into some of the big ideas underlying the Youth Spoken Word movement and T-WAAP's work specifically (Hip Hop, Critical Pedagogy, cultural work, etc.). Then (after a lunch break) our afternoons will be spent "getting our hands dirty" in the practice of creating, testing, and revising creative writing workshops using the T-WAAP "Universal Themes" method based on Young Chicago Authors' traditions and methodologies. This course is intended for students who have graduated high school and older students. After completion of this course, students will have the option to join T-WAAP's Cohort of Teaching Artists and lead workshops at our monthly Wordplay program.

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